Co-operation – export of Polish products

The ever more visible slowing down of the foreign trade on the European Union markets, indicates that there is a marked necessity to look for savings and new solutions. Poland, thanks to low manufacture cost and advantageous currency values, is an excellent alternative for foreign importers as a new source of products. 
Through co-operation with EuroTOOLS, a Polish export and trade company which is also a producer of plastic tools and other products, it is possible to satisfy the constant demands of your clients and to note a fall in their purchasing power of. As part of your order we provide you with guarantees of product quality and timeliness of the deliveries, while our prices are temptingly low and very attractive when compared with prices on the European markets. 

Details of the co-operation opportunities:

  • we send out a sample of our product free of charge 
  • we conduct individual valuations
  • ongoing co-operation guarantees lower prices 
  • the products are sent out within 7 working days from when the order is made (with some exceptions)
  • our  offer includes tools and their components and spare parts 
  • our own distribution channels, all orders are continuously monitored and the client always has access to information on his order (e-mail/tel.)  
 We have a very flexible approach to the business we are in, and therefore, we are open to new manufacturing opportunities and manufacture of new products according to our clients’ requirements. The technologies we use allow us to manufacture any products made from plastic if there is a growing demand for it or if there is a current trend for that particular product. As this requires a new design and cast to be made, the manufacturing process takes a little longer.

Please contact us and register to receive a special offer on stock, applicable to all shops in Poland.

Certificates confirming our reliability and more information on EuroTOOLS can be found at about our company subsite.

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