Co-operation – import of goods to Poland

At a time when Europe finds itself in an economic downturn, Poland is enjoying a high level of economic development, which in 2010 reached 3.8% and in 2011 over 4%. This in itself is proving that Poland is well-prepared to deal with international economic upheavals, while the top financial institutions indicate that this growing trend will continue for the foreseeable future
With 38 million inhabitants, Poland is the biggest trade area in Central and Eastern Europe. Its attractiveness, apart from the above mentioned economic traits, is also supported by a ready market (see statistics below) and the diversified demand. By getting the Polish laws to adhere to EU standards, Poland is now also more prepared to take part in the international trade. Thanks to its distribution channels within the Polish wholesale network, EuroTOOLS provides help in the import of goods to Poland


Details of the co-operation opportunities:

  • New Partners are asked to provide a sample of their products and/or photographs with complete specification data 
  • Virtual trade – the actual posting of goods happens only after a customer is found (in the majority of cases) 
  • Payment upfront or after the order is carried out and the end customer has made the payment
  • The Contracting Parties need to provide us with product quality guarantees (their products need to be free of manufacturing   faults) and the timeliness of the deliveries needs to be ensured
  • We have our own means of transport and we work with reliable logistic companies 
  • Professional and comprehensive assignment management

We also prepare internet market analyses for our Partners from Europe and the East in order to check the demand for a given product in Polish economic conditions before any investment is made. In addition, we offer the opportunity for our clients to take part in joint projects in the import of spare parts and in manufacturing of the complete product ready for distribution. 

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