EuroTOOLS is selling by wholesale its own products, as well as products of our Contracting Parties. 
The minimum order is 10 items – it can be a set of one product or different items. Some products, due to its low prices are sold in sets, for example a set of 5 products is regarded as 1 product. In the event of an ongoing co-operation with a shop or a wholesaler, we offer them discounted prices (orders and prices are visible only to the Clients which are logged in).
Orders above 50 items are negotiated individually. 
In regards to transactions counted in hundreds and thousands of units, we send a sample of our product free of charge and we are treating the order as a priority order from start to finish. Clients from abroad are looked after by special departments dedicated to a given country and/or directly by the Owner of EuroTOOLS. We also invite opportunities to hold meetings with our Contracting Parties
The products are sent out after a pro-forma invoice is paid and in the case of an ongoing co-operation with a client, as soon as it is possible (see delivery). 

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Certificates confirming our reliability and more information on EuroTOOLS can be found at about our company subsite.


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