Product delivery

The delivery of the EuroTOOLS is always carried out while maintaining the highest possible standards. We only use the services of approved couriers, individually selecting the best logistic solutions for each specific order. We pay great attention to timeliness of your deliveries
The products are sent out within 7 working days from when the order is made*. 

Delivery of up to 200 items within Poland – mainly courier services
  • Delivery to shops 10-100 items –
  • Wholesale points 101-200 items –
Wholesale delivery – above 200 items
  • Our own fleet of delivery vehicles
  • Other means of transport
The method of transport chosen and the delivery costs are dependent on the quantity and type of products ordered and on the target location.
We always try to choose the most advantageous solutions, i.e.:
  • We recommend wholesale deliveries of the product in its constituent parts, as this method allows us to send out more items. One Euro pallet with the following dimensions: 120 x 80 cm, 2-2.5 m in height, max. Weight – 1 ton, can take 200 shovels in parts, rather than 50 complete units.
  • When exporting or if the orders are large, intermodal transportation is the best option, as it uses one and the same transport unit in the whole delivery process. The container / trailer supplied by the manufacturer gets loaded onto a transport vehicle, whether it is a lorry, train or ship, and in this way is transported to the client, resulting in reduced transport costs
Wholesale transport costs are calculated after we are contacted by phone or e-mail. 

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Certificates confirming our reliability and more information on EuroTOOLS can be found at about our company subsite.


*term contracts with wholesale fixed individually with each client. Nieodpowiadamy for random events.

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